Auto Buyers Guide’s 2024 EV of the Year Finalists

From Alex on Autos.

As 2023 comes to a close we find ourselves with an opportunity to reflect…and today we’re reflecting on the EV’s we’ve driven! It’s long since there were only a few EV’s available and for many years to come we’ll see this segment grow and expand. To be considered the Auto Buyers Guide EV of the Year the finalists have to bring something special and we feel we’ve found a group that has many strengths across the top 4. Whether you want affordable commuting, all terrain capability, or the touch of luxury there’s something on this list for you to consider. If you think we missed something I’m sure you’re not alone but hey, this is our list!

The Tesla Model Y is the best selling vehicle IN THE WORLD and that’s because it checks so many boxes. Reasonably Affordable? ✅Charging Network? ✅Crossover shape and AWD? ✅. This isn’t to say it’s the best vehicle in the world but it’s hard to argue with sales numbers and we agree it’s a strong offering.

The Mercedes EQS SUV is in a different league than the rest of our finalists but it’s here for a few reasons and one of those is that it’s a good EV. With over 280 EPA rated miles and charging speeds at 200kw this is not a vehicle you have to worry about taking a few hours away from home. Another? It’s a fantastic place to spend time and while you DO have to pony us at purchase you get what you pay for. Mercedes’ reimagining of their lineup into electric models impresses us greatly and should serve the company and its customers well as the world transitions away from gasoline and diesel.

The Rivian R1S isn’t brand new but the company is still fresh in the world of automotive manufacturing. There are very few upstarts in the car world but Rivian has taken lessons from the likes of Tesla and put their own spin on it. The R1S is in a category of 1 for the time being and it’s making the most of the opportunity. With functional seating for 7, a boxy and usable interior shape, massive ground clearance, and a unique dashboard design Rivian has created a vehicle that’s hard to cross off any shopping list unless price demands it. It’s a quirky machine and we find ourselves on board with most of those quirks. If you’re looking for a 3 row SUV for weekends away then this is worth a drive and it’s worth a spot on as one of our finalists.

Each of the vehicles above have "wowed" in a big way but what we love about the Kona EV is that it’s stayed under the radar and STILL impresses. This is the most affordable option on the list and with its recent update it now blends in a lot better with it’s Ioniq siblings (of which we’re also fond of). It’s no secret that vehicles keep getting bigger and bigger and with this update so does the Kona but the size increase isn’t enough to make this difficult to live with in more urban environments and that’s where you’re likely to see these. Not only is it on the smaller size but it has a smaller battery option for folks who don’t need massive range numbers and are comfortable with the available (and growing) charging infrastructure.

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