Auto Buyers Guide’s 2024 Truck of the Year Finalists

From Alex on Autos.

The year is 2024. The backdrop is the United States. For some reason every vehicle on the road is a truck, but why? Ok, so it might not be every vehicle on the road that’s turned into a truck but there’s no denying that Americans like their trucks and we see the manufacturers doing their best to build a truck for everyone. From the heavy duty towing to the urbanite lawn mowing it’s likely that if you’re shopping for a truck you’ve seriously considered at least one of our finalists!

The Ford Maverick is the modern iteration of a compact truck but don’t let it’s toyish design fool you, this isn’t a small vehicle. Maverick is more geared towards the urbanite lawn mower than anything else but between a 40mpg hybrid front wheel drive and a turbo AWD powertrain there is certainly a flavor for you. If your parking space is small but your imagination knows no bounds then you might be a Maverick owner.

The Toyota Tacoma has been the king of the hill (many hills really) for what seems like forever. It’s that same forever that it feels like it’s taken to finally get a "new" Tacoma but the day has come and the 2024 Tacoma has arrived. We haven’t had a chance to get behind the wheel of the flagship models (the TRD Pro and Trailhunter) with the new i-FORCE MAX turbocharged hybrid system but the standard turbocharged 4 cylinders available (there are a few different power outputs) have impressed us and the cabin space and ride quality are welcome improvements. It may be awhile yet to knock the Tacoma off the top but we would love to see someone try.

While truck lineups continue to get higher price ceilings, one of the areas we haven’t seen a clear winner in is the premium category. Yes, you can get higher trim levels that adds touches to the cabin but the GMC Sierra is making a strong argument that from the base to the Denali Ultimate this truck provides a premium experience. Aside from a stylish, comfortable cabin we also see a significant options list including comfort, convenience, and powertrain choices. If you spend a lot of time working in and out of your truck we would recommend looking at a Sierra.

When it comes to work trucks the top of the chart for 2024 is the Super Duty in no small part because of the enormity of the lineup. Cabs, bed lengths, no beds, powertrains; whatever your needs are Ford thinks they have an option for you. Another benefits to going the Ford route is going to be the availability of parts since you’ll find more versions of your truck out on the road than any other model. If you want options in a heavy duty truck you’ll want a Super Duty.

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