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It’s no secret that we’re a bit in love with the Volkswagen ID. Buzz here at It’s a practical family car with a sense of fun and is beautifully designed. Add the big dose of nostalgia we feel whenever we get behind the wheel and you have one of the most engaging and fun electric cars on the market.

But even we will admit that it has limitations. Despite its vast size, buyers of the launch model have only been able to have five seats, while the 77kWh battery doesn’t exactly sit will with long distance hauls. But here is the version which seems to have the answers. It’s the Buzz with more bus – as it’s a longer, bigger, and faster seven-seater.

Perhaps most importantly – Volkswagen is FINALLY fixing the infotainment too!

The Buzz we are used to – which is now called the ‘normal’ wheel base – is 4,712 mm long. This Long wheelbase version measures an extra 250mm between the wheels.

That additional 250 mm is partly taken up by bigger doors 192 mm, and a little bit extra between the door and rear wheel. The bigger doors also have electrically sliding windows now too. The bigger Buzz can be used as a five-seater with a huge boot, a six-seater with individual seats and armrests in the second row of seats and as a seven-seater.

A three-seater bench seat is used as standard in this second row of seats. The backrests can be reclined by 16 degrees to make it more comfortable, and the bench can be moved forwards and backwards by 200 mm, either completely or in sections

In the five-seater configuration, the load up to the upper edge of the backrests results in a volume of 1,340 litres – about the same as a mid-size SUV with the seats folded down.

The long-wheelbase Buzz will be available with two battery sizes. The first is the 77kWh which we have already seen. But a new, bigger 85 kWh pack is also available, which comes with a more powerful 282 bhp motor. That improves the 0-62mph time by 2.3 seconds to 7.9 seconds.

And that’s not all: an all-wheel drive version called the GTX will use two motors to give an output of 335 bhp will be coming later in 2024. That will have a GTI-like 6.4 second 0-62 time. The battery can be charged faster too, at up to 200 kW at a suitable DC charger, meaning a 10 to 80 percent top up takes 25 minutes. To speed things up even more, it features the Tesla-like "Plug & Charge" system which means the activation and billing is automatic, without the need for charging cards or apps.

There are no official range figures yet for this model and we have to be honest, the efficiency of the Buzz hasn’t been the best when we’ve had them. But there is a new heat pump to increase efficiency in colder weather.

Join Ginny as she takes a close look around the new Volkswagen ID. Buzz LWB ahead of its arrival in the UK next year. What do you think? Should this version been part of the range from the start? Do you think it’s still missing some features? As always, let us know in the comments below.


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