BYD Dolphin – out of its depth?

From AutoEV.

BYD may be a new name to the British car market, but they aren’t exactly a minnow when it comes to the size of their business; or intent. We drove the ATTO 3 crossover/SUV back in March which waded straight into battle in one of the most fiercely contested market sectors. And now here they are, yet again choosing one of the most popular areas of the UK market, the C-sector 5 door family hatchback? Does the Dolphin have a few tricks up its sleeves, or will it be a bit of a damp squid? Armed with one of the most thorough road test reviews, not to mention some seriously corny puns, Bryan puts it through its paces to deliver the only verdict that matters – the AutoEV one.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:32 – Titles
01:39 – Meet the car
05:47 – Styling
11:46 – Practicality
16:07 – Interior
28:18 – Usability
31:18 – Performance & Handling
43:30 – Pricing
45:40 – Competition
48:15 – Pros & Cons
49:09 – Summary