Can you rustproof an electric car?

From EV-olution.

Is it safe to rustproof an EV? Will rustproofing void the warranty of an EV? Can an EV antirust treatment be done at any shop? If you have an electric vehicle and have been wondering about rustproofing it, this video shows and explains the details about having your EV protected the right way.

A giant thank you to Steve Bolduc for opening up a time slot in his completely booked schedule, for the treatment of my Kia EV6. The objective of this was to create a video to help clear up the confusion some people have about having an electric vehicle treated with rustproofing. Specifically because some dealerships are misleading clients about it.

DISCLOSURE: I paid full retail price to have my EV6 treated. I was not paid, sponsored, or given anything to make this video.

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00:00 Intro
00:23 Question about warranty
01:41 How long to do and cost
02:16 The treatment shown here
02:30 What’s hidden under the hood?
02:51 Take the doors apart
03:22 Friday afternoon part found!
03:55 Remove covers from under the car
04:26 Questionable design choice for winter cars
05:25 What’s hidden underneath?
05:42 Remove the fender liners
06:31 Potential problem point fixed!
07:12 Applying rustproofing – First part
09:03 “Magic wand” rustproof application
11:21 Seams and brakes!
12:09 Suspension protection!
12:40 Inside the doors
13:01 Protecting the hood and more
14:17 Protecting rear hatch
14:41 Reassemble everything
15:48 Why get rustproofing done?
16:25 Where to get it done?
17:33 EV-olution stuff
18:47 Bloopers