Car Finance Crisis Forming, Tesla Hiring in Chile, eVTOL Aircraft Milestones || EV Obsession, Ep. 30

From CleanTechnica.

Today’s episode of EV Obsession involves Jo Borras and Zach Shahan talking about the following:

0:00 — Intro
1:36 — Porsche’s original art car reinvented with the Porsche Taycan.
3:27 — Wisk launching the 1st public flights of an eVTOL air taxi in the USA, and Lilium offering the 1st eVTOL aircraft for private purchase.
6:25 — A potential auto industry/finance/economic crisis, with 7% of Americans with auto payments falling 60+ days behind on their payments!
13:23 — Jo’s review of the 2024 Toyota Prius Prime after a week with it.
25:45 — Jo’s review of the 2024 Toyota bz4x after a week with it.
38:35 — Tesla starting to hire in Chile.
42:40 — Uber adding 10,000 BYD electric vehicles to its fleet in Australia.
44:57 — Indonesia getting a hot new high-speed rail line.
51:08 — Our September Germany EV sales report


Thank you! Have a happy Thursday evening and Friday!