Crossing the Chasm: What Will Reignite EV Adoption in North America? | Coast-to-Coast EVs # 14

From Plug and Play EV.

Between the early adopters of new tech and the early mainstream, technologists point to something called "The Chasm". Much has been written about this gap between the passionate believers in a new category and the more pragmatic buyers, who retain an open mind but have a different set of priorities to those encouraging them to buy in.

As the North American market for electric vehicles continues to grow but faces economic and infrastructure headwinds, analysts are pointing to the saturated market of early adopters and the need to appeal to a new wave of buyers.

This week’s Coast-to-Coast EVs explores the current drag factors on electric vehicles, balancing international competition with economic protectionism, and the key factors in crossing the early chasm for buyers in the United States and Canada.

Join Eric, Walter, and Steve live at 5PM (Pacific) / 8PM (Eastern) to weigh in on what you expect to see for EV buyers in the years ahead!

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