Do Solar Panels Ruin Old Buildings?!

From Everything Electric Show.

The world is home to a plethora of fascinating ancient buildings that have stood the test of time. But old buildings aren’t the best when it comes to energy efficiency and yet upgrading them with more sustainable, high tech solutions can result in local opposition.

In this episode, Imogen and Robert went to York to visit its 1,396 year old Minster to find out whether the integration of renewable energy in historic buildings can be a positive step towards addressing both climate change and preserving our cultural heritage.

00:00 Introduction
00:29 Historical Buildings and Sustainability
01:02 £30,000 a Day!
01:25 How is York Minster Addressing The Problem?
01:56 Opposition to the Plans
02:44 Solar Panels Everywhere?
03:20 40% of the Power Needed!
03:45 Solar Tiles disguised as Welsh Slate!
04:26 Cathedrals and Renewable Energy
05:03 Solar Cells?
06:08 Stonemasons
06:34 What Challenges Are York Minster Facing?
07:23 What is Europe Doing to Tackle the Problem?
08:23 Sustainability and Heritage Can Go Hand in Hand

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