Driving the Mach-E to My Mechanic Dad

From Josh Charles.

We took the Ford Mustang Mach-E on a road trip to my dad (a lifelong mechanic). Is it a good EV? What’s it like to drive? Is it exciting? What about charging? Is it a real Mustang? These were the questions we answered during our trip around the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania.

A special thank you to Murray Motors Ford for letting us borrow the car for the day: https://www.murraymotorco.com

0:00 Mach-E Day
1:19 Welcome to the Mach-E
1:52 We got to Driving
4:40 My Dad the Mechanic
7:08 The County
8:20 Charging
9:26 Introspective Tristan
10:44 Final Thoughts

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