Electric Cars Are RUBBISH… Aren’t They?

From Fully Charged Show.

There’s been more MISINFORMATION about battery electric vehicles this year than we can ever remember, so we dusted our (other old) presenter down to EXPLODE THE MOST PERSISTENT MYTHS. And remember these are the episodes to share widely – it’s all very well you watching it, and we are grateful – but this is one to send to all those non-believers and nearly EV drivers in your life!

This episode was inspired by the blog Dan wrote for the FullyCharged.SHOW website recently, and references made in the episode can be found as links within that article as below. Dan also wanted it made it clear that to reduce the run time his voice has been sped up slightly, and he was not on a cocktail of amphetamines and helium when this was recorded. That would be unprofessional.


Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

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