Electric Explained: SIX battery facts every electric car owner needs to know

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Owning and using an electric car is simple. Plug in – charge up – drive. Repeat as required. However even the most ardent of electric car enthusiasts will admit that there can be something of a learning curve when you first make the switch to electric. There can also be a gap between expectations and reality – especially when it comes to range and charging.

Here at electrifying, we’ve consigned the rose-tinted spectacles to the bin and are happy to admit that, sometimes, car makers don’t always want you to know the quirks and frustrations that can be part of electric car ownership. We’re on a mission to debunk, demystify and decipher electric car charging. Want to know why charging the last 20% of your battery takes forever? Or why plugging in after every small journey isn’t the best thing for your battery? Join Ginny as she explains more about electric car batteries.


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