Energizing The Nation’s First NEVI Site! Ohio’s Electric Journey & Secrets To Success

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Join Francie on today’s episode as she sits down with Preeti Choudhary the Executive Director of Drive Ohio and Breanna Badanes the Managing Director of Communications and Policy at DriveOhio to speak to their strategy, accomplishments, goals, and lessons learned after getting the nation’s first NEVI funded EV charging site live outside of Columbus OH at a Pilot Travel Center! Francie, Preeti, and Breanna discuss their framework for getting Ohio’s NEVI plan written and approved, how they chose their charging and hardware partners, what they’d like to see different with the program, what they think has worked best for their team, and what’s coming next down the line for their state and electric vehicle charging!

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00:00 Hello and Welcome Back
00:30 Guest Introduction Preeti Choudary and Breanna Badanes
02:00 What Is DriveOhio
04:00 DriveOhio Priorities
07:00 DriveOhio’s NEVI Framework For Success
09:10 Building Ohio’s NEVI Plan
13:15 Keys To NEVI Plan Approval
15:10 Community and Communication
17:20 Reliability For Ohio’s EV Charging
20:15 Hardware and Charging Partner Choices
22:10 L2, Workplace, and DCFC
23:40 NEVI 4 Stall Site Minimum
26:00 How Did They Get The Site Live So Fast?
29:00 Lessons Learned
33:30 Interstate Collaboration
35:55 Future Plans For Ohio EV Charging
37:50 Motivations
39:30 Conclusions

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