EQ 010 – New Tuxmats after 1 Year

From EV-olution.

How does the new version of Tuxmat car mats hold up after 1 year, including winter? Are my Kia EV6 carpets still like new? How do you clean the new Tuxmats? I show you the answers to these questions in this video. Spoiler… the results are amazing!

NOTE: Back in 2021 a viewer in Europe, Pau Iglesias, wanted some Tuxmats but could not get them there. He found and bought Spartan Liners, and at the time they were the same as Tuxmats. If you are in Europe and are interested in Tuxmat car mats then you may want to investigate Spartan Liners. Thanks Pau!

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00:00 Intro
00:20 Old Tuxmat vs new version
00:50 Mats after 1 year and winter
02:13 Car carpets protected?
05:10 Tuxmats 1 winter of dirt
05:53 How to clean the mats
07:39 Vacuum the carpets
08:07 Install the clean mats
09:54 Are the new version worth it?
10:59 T-Shirts available!
11:39 Goals
11:59 Bloopers