FACT CHECKED: Jeremy Vine “Electric cars are the biggest con trick inflicted on society.”

From Electrifying.

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On January 19 2023, The Jeremy Vine Show broadcast an interview with Mike Parry on the subject of electric cars. While we welcome educated debate here at Electrifying.com the interview (which has been widely shared on social media) contained a number of claimed ‘facts’ that are not only at odds with our findings, but are also fundamentally incorrect.

At Electrifying we like to get the facts straight. Unlike some channels, we freely admit that not everything about electric cars is perfect. Far from it. There’s a long way to go before electric cars are a viable and affordable option for all drivers.

But we’re not fans of false information. And the interview in question was rather full of it. In the interests of balance, we’ve taken a close look at what was said and checked every ‘fact’ carefully. Join Ginny and Tom as they sort the facts from the fiction.

Did you see the interview? Do you think Jeremy Vine and Mike Parry have valid opinions on electric cars. As always, let us know in the comments below.


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00:00 Intro
01:02 “‘I think politicians invented the electric car”
03:01 “Children in Africa have to go into mines and mine cobalt for batteries”
04:56 “An electric car is twice the weight of an ordinary car, so they are being banned from car parks.”
07:49 “Electric cars shred the tyres much more quickly and spray fibres into the air all the time”
09:09 "If all the cars run on electric they’d suck all of the electricity out of the national grid"
10:37 "The biggest lithium mine in the world is in your bottom drawer"
12:23 "You can’t charge them….another 120 miles and bang – it’s all gone"