Fancy FREE FUEL forever? Kia’s incredible Vehicle To Grid system goes live NEXT YEAR.

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The Kia EV9 has lots of very clever features which will keep you comfy and safe and do all the things you might expect. But forget the looks and the seats that massage your bottom. The most interesting part of this car for is the fact that you can ‘fuel’ it for free.

At home. Forever.

In fact, you might even get paid to charge it.

And you will be helping the planet at the same time.

This all sounds too good to be true, right? Free electricity? How does that work? Well, this really is the plan. And while it sounds crazy now, do you remember when mobile phone calls were 50p per minute? Now you get them for free as part of a package costing a tenner a month.

Key to Vehicle to Grid tech is Kia’s new charger, which allows the energy to flow two ways. We wanted to show it to you, but it’s not pretty enough yet for the company to show off yet.

But it works. If your house has a sudden spike in demand because you put your telly on at the same time as the kettle, oven and immersion heater, it can ‘borrow’ a bit of energy from the car’s battery without you even noticing.

This means you won’t be using electricity when it is at its most expensive. As there is less strain on the grid, it will also mean that the generating companies won’t have to fire up another coal power station. The EV9 has enough energy to power the average house for five days. So you can take a lot out without worrying about having enough range to get to work the next day.

That’s clever enough. But the next stage – if you allow it – is that your car’s battery can power not just your house – but feed power back into the grid so your neighbours can use your car’s battery to boil a kettle. And as it’s a peak time, you will get paid more for the energy.

As you are charging on the cheap and feeding it back in at expensive times, you can make a profit. Or at least get your energy for free. It is being tried in Spain first, and we’ve been promised that it will be in the UK by the end of 2024 once Kia has done the deal with some energy firms. But every EV9 will be ready for it when it comes.


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