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The 1990s are back in fashion. And to celebrate, Vauxhall has brought a famous name back from the dead. The Frontera has been reborn as a family-sized, big value SUV for a new generation – and in this video, we’re going to show you around.

The old Vauxhall Frontera was a 1990s success. It might not have what you’d call a cult following but for years it was the best-selling SUV in the UK. So it makes sense that the name has been reborn for this, a new electric car which has an emphasis on space and value.

It replaces the Crossland in the company’s line up, sitting in between Mokka and next-generation Grandland which will grow up a bit. You want figures? The Frontera is 4380mm long, making it longer than a Mokka and almost identical to an Astra. But in terms of space, well that boxy shape means it’s huge inside.

What makes it really interesting is the price. Although it’s not been confirmed yet, it’s expected that the Frontera will be around the same price as a Mokka – so the electric version will start at around £27,000. That makes it a lot of car for the money.

The Frontera uses most of the same bits underneath as the Jeep Avenger, which is no bad thing. That means a battery size of 51kWh and a range of around 250 miles, with 100kW rapid charging. But the motor has had a downgrade from 154bhp to 111bhp. That’s not a lot in a car of this size. An MG ZS has 154bhp, for example. It does beat the 93bhp of the cheapest BYD Dolphin, but the £30,000 Dolphin has 201bhp.

Inside there is Vauxhall’s familiar ‘Pure Panel’ cockpit with two 10-inch displays and Multimedia infotainment system. The company is also introducing an ‘Intelli-Seat’ feature in the front seats, with a slot that relieves the pressure on the tailbone like on bicycle saddles. It is said to improve comfort even during long journeys.

There are other innovations too. There’s a cooled wireless charger to prevent your phone getting too hot and larger devices such as tablets can be safely stored in the centre console with a flexible strap to hold them in place.

Join Nicola as she takes a first look around the new Vauxhall Frontera. Are you a fan? Has Vauxhall done a good job? Let us know in the comments below.