Ford Wants You To Pay $800 A Year For BlueCruise. It’s Cheaper Than Tesla’s FSD, But…

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[Editorial note: In preparing this video we reached out to Ford for clarification on its new subscription model, and were issued the following statement

"On May 2, we announced that BlueCruise would be available as a stand-alone option on Mustang Mach-E, helping to lower the initial purchase price of the vehicle and giving customers the choice of when and how to activate the technology. Customers can consider including a 3-year subscription for $2,100 as part of their vehicle purchase price or choose to make the decision later by activating a 90-day trial to experience BlueCruise before deciding to purchase a subscription. BlueCruise renewal pricing was also updated to an annual rate of $800 or a monthly rate of $75.

These options are designed to help more people experience BlueCruise hands-free driving.

Ford recently released BlueCruise 1.2 which builds on previous hands-free capabilities with Lane Change Assist which allows the driver to safely switch lanes when the driver taps the turn signal and In-Lane Repositioning ability which helps keep the vehicle in its lane while subtly shifting position away from vehicles in adjacent lanes – especially helpful when next to bigger vehicles such as semis. Also, Predictive Speed Assist, which automatically adjusts the speed as drivers approach a sharp curve. BlueCruise 1.2 is available from the factory on the 2023 Mustang Mach-E and will come soon to later models through an over-the-air-update (OTA). "]
Semi-autonomous driver assistance systems are becoming must-haves for many new electric cars coming to market. Many come from the factory with free trials of such systems, be they Tesla Autopilot FSD, GM’s SuperCruise or Ford’s BlueCruise to name a few.

But this week, we learned Ford, which has included BlueCruise with its EVs to date for three years from the point of purchase, has changed its policies moving forward. Now, Ford’s semi-autonomous driver assistance system will cost $75 a month, or $800 a year, after the initial trial period is over.

But would you pay for this system? Or any system like it? Or is there a more affordable alternative?

Today, we delve in deep, and explain why we think advanced driver assistance systems shouldn’t be subscription services.

00:00 – Introduction
02:40 – Ford’s BlueCruise, Tesla’s Autopilot FSD, and Other Creatures
04:14 – Co-operative Driving
06:15 – Not just convenience, but safety features too
07:32 – Why automakers are trying to recoup their costs
10:08 – Objections to subscriptions
12:57 – Open PIlot (OPGM) on a Comma 3
13:38 – Comma (Open Pilot) Vs other systems
15:47 – Retrofit Option – and lower cost
16:42 – Dfferent cars = different capabilities
17:52 – Why we like open pilot over other systems
21:28 – Closing Thoughts
23:11 – Thanks, and Goodbye!


Script, Presenter: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
Editor, Colorist: Michael Horton
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2023

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