Fun Little EVs and Giant BYD Vessel

From CleanTechnica.

In this episode of EVObsession, we go from a few fun little electric vehicles, through some big battery news, and then end on a giant BYD vessel that tells us a lot about BYD’s continued EV leadership.

Topics timestamped:

0:00 — Intro
1:06 — Pelican Train Cargo Bike
3:45 — Jet Capsule ZERO
6:17 — Tesla Cybertruck for Kids
12:44 — Support CleanTechnica Pitch
13:40 — Record-Low EV Battery Prices
16:58 — CATL 1000-km Electric Car Skateboard
23:12 — VW Tools for the EV Curious
28:20 — World’s Largest Floating Solar System
28:48 — Ford F-150 Lightning Sales Up 100%
42:53 — EV Sales Reports
43:10 — Giant BYD Vessel

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