Green Wave Electric Vehicles: Used EVs in New England at the FIRST Electric-Only Dealership in NH

From Plug and Play EV.

Take a tour of New Hampshire’s first used vehicle dealer selling only plug-in EVs! @greenwaveelectricvehicles

We talk to CEO Jesse Lore to hear how he started the company, how the used EV market is shaping up, and what the future holds for Green Wave Electric Vehicles! Visit them online here:

0:00 – Start
0:15 – Intro
0:36 – Welcome to Green Wave EV!
1:01 – How the company started/Jesse’s background
3:03 – The Green Wave EV mission
3:58 – What’s on the lot?
4:54 – A look at the used EV market
7:40 – PHEV focus & Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe
8:55 – The future of Green Wave EV
11:28 – Summary

Green Wave EV Sustainability Initiatives:

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