Highlights From 12 Months Of Fantastic Podcast Guests | The Fully Charged Podcast

From Everything Electric Show.

In this week’s podcast, we have a bit of a break from the norm and have made a special compilation episode with some of Robert’s favourite chunks of Fully Charged goodness from over the last year. Guests include Sandy Munro, Jack Scarlett, Graeme Cooper, Darren Palmer, Dan Caesar, Chelsea Sexton, Helen Czerski and more. 

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If you would like to listen to the full versions of each podcast, here are their full titles. 

01:35 Sandy Munro – Are Tesla Just Unbeatable?
02:54 Darren Palmer – The F150 Lightning, V2X and more with Darren Palmer
04:26 The Inevitability of a 100% Renewable Energy Supply with Rosie Barnes
05:36 Cheaper Teslas? Chinese Threat? With Elliot Richards
07:15 Fusion, Whale Earwax and Flat Earth? With Helen Czerski
08:50 Eytan Lenko on Supercharging Australia
10:06 New vs Old – Is This An ‘Existential’ Battle For Car Companies? With Dan Caesar
11:48 A New Aussie Electric Era with Giles Parkinson
13:47 Audi, Lightyear, Goodwood and more with Jack Scarlett
16:10 Green Energy and The Grid with Graeme Cooper
17:51 Fixing America with Chelsea Sexton
19:22 Why Lithium Is The Most Important Part Of The Puzzle with Teague Egan
21:35 Ford, Rivian & The Electric Hummer! With Ben Sullins
23:06 Unanticipated Benefits of Moving to Electric with Robert Safrata
25:22 The New Sunlight with Toddington Harper
27:17 Will Energy Bills Continue To Rise? With Simon Evans
29:25 How Clean is Hydrogen, Actually? With Prof. David Cebon
31:16 The Climate Crisis with Mark Z. Jacobson
32:18 The BIG Carbon Off-Setting Con with Ketan Joshi
34:16 Polestar Takes The Lead On Sustainability with Fredrika Klarén
36:22 Elon. China. Arrival departs! With Roger Atkins | The Fully Charged Podcast
37:53 Who Informs The Energy Policy Makers? with Dr John Feddersen
40:15 Earn Money While You Park with Professor David Slutzky

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