How Do You Build A Passive House?!

From Fully Charged Show.

Up to 25% of tradespeople will retire in the next 10 years, a significant proportion of the workforce, which sadly, aren’t being replaced by an influx of people coming into the industry; posing a massive risk to delivery of net zero housing targets. Fortunately organisations like BCIT Zero Emissions Building Learning Centre and Mitsubishi Electric are ready with a solution. They are working to offer free training to upskill existing tradespeople with the skills to build passive homes as well as encouraging new people into the space too and in doing so, ensuring that British Columbia’s Clean BC targets and housing step-code are kept within reach. In this episode, Imogen met with the team and found out that this is about so much more than solar, heat pumps and insulation and is sparking a whole new set of innovative and creative ways to reach net zero!
Take a look at BCIT ZEBLC’s videos here:

An apology from Imogen! At 3:10 I incorrectly gave the numbers for Canada, NOT British Columbia!

00:00 Intro
00:59 Low cost energy efficient options
01:36 Passive house principles
02:13 Step 5
03:04 Opportunities for more job and skill sets
03:59 A physical space to learn
05:07 Step code
05:48 Educate & Spread
06:40 Financial incentives
07:57 Financially attainable?
8:58 Encouraging Evolution

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