How to easily dim Mazda’s Infotainment Screen or Improve Contrast

From Torque News.

There is an easy way to dim or brighten the screen on Mazda’s infotainment system, which is called Mazda Connect. Keep in mind, it’s not a touchscreen and you need to use the the big Commander knob on your right side.

Move the curser on the screen by turning the commander knob. If you want to select something press the commander knob to select the function the cursor is hovering over.

Thus, to dim or brighten the screen on your 2024 Mazda, turn the commander knob in any direction until you hover it over Settings. Press Settings.

Then press over "In Vehicle Settings." Then press "In Vehicle Display," then Center Display.

Rotate the knob or press the button: Turning the knob to the left will decrease the brightness, while turning it to the right will increase the brightness. Pressing the button will also cycle through different brightness levels.

Adjust the contrast: If you find that your Mazda’s screen is too washed out or difficult to see, you can also adjust the contrast. This is typically done using a separate knob or button on the infotainment system.

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