How to Install a Tesla Level 2 Wall Charger (Re-Upload)

From Josh Charles.

This is my DIY installation of the Elon Musk signature edition Tesla charger in my garage. Upgrade your EV charging speed by wiring up a dedicated charger. While you can do it yourself, it’s always recommended to contact a licensed electrician for this work.

This is a re-upload of my original 2019 video. I’ve addressed a few mistakes I made when wiring up the charger the first time.

Tesla has replaced this 2nd gen wall box with their new 3rd gen unit. You can find it here:

My website:
My Instructables for this installation:

0:00 Unboxing
1:07 Mounting Bracket Install
1:32 Opening the Charger
2:11 Mounting the Charger
2:49 Wiring
4:49 Setting the Switches
5:33 Finishing it Up
6:17 Final Thoughts