I Got Hands-On With The Most Insane Cadillac EVER! It’s The 100% Electric 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ

From Alex on Autos.

If you think the Escalade ESV is insane, check out Caddy’s new EV. It’s 224 inches long, wider than a Hummer truck, will likely weigh 9,000 pounds and has the biggest front and back seats Caddy has ever built. Third row? Well, let’s talk about that in the video. If you’re looking for a 750 horsepower bonkers caddy with 450 miles of driving range that’ll crab-walk, er, Cadillac Arrive, then this is the SUV for you.

Why do I mention the Hummer? Because this is not a gas Escalade with a battery and motor, this is a brand-new unibody Escalade built on the same platform that underpins GM’s SuperTruck.

What powers it? Basically the same 246 kWh battery from the Hummer lineup (24 module Ultimum) with about 200 kWh of that usable for 450 miles of EPA range. The battery powers a dual motor setup (sorry, no tri-motor here) making 750 HP and 785 lb-ft.

The suspension features MagneRide dampers and active air springs to control the likely 9,000 pound curb weight. Want an idea of scale? Check out those wheels. They are 24-inch rims. Yep, 24s. But those aren’t low profile tires, they are 275/50R24s. That’s a 35-inch tire!

How long will it take to charge? Well, at home you’ll gain 14 miles of range per hour with the included 240V charge cord. If you install a 100A circuit you could bump that to 37 miles of range per hour at 19.2 kW. DC charging? 100 miles of range in 10 minutes they claim at a 350kW CCS station. CCS? Yep. This will start with a CCS connector and will get NACS shortly thereafter. How fast will it charge on a Tesla Supercharger which should be natively supported at launch? We don’t know for sure, but probably around 70 miles in 10 minutes, so a bit slower than CCS until Tesla rolls out their 1,000V stations.

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0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Design
4:30 – Check out the interior
5:11 – Huge frunk
5:45 – Interior
13:04 – Specs deep dive

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