ICE TO SEE YOU? How Nissan’s clever e-4ORCE tech will keep ARIYA drivers moving this winter

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We love to moan about the weather here and the UK, and we know that a light dusting of snow is often all it takes for the road network to grind to a halt. So how do we best prepare for inevitable onset of slushy roads and icy mornings?

If you’re about to change cars and want to choose something that is as winter-proof as possible, the Nissan ARIYA should be at the top of your shopping list. Why? Well, Nissan’s range-topping model comes with brand’s e-4ORCE technology. It’s a system that uses two electric motors, one feeding the front wheels….. and one the rear. Now as you may well know four wheel drive is better for getting a grip in slippery situations, but the ARIYA’s e-4ORCE is even better because it’s constantly monitoring what’s happening at the wheels. That means it can send the power to the tyre with the most grip.

And because they are electric motors, they can react much faster than they could with a petrol or diesel engine. In bad weather the system is constantly scanning the road and is able to react to slips in 0.0001 of a second – that really is faster than the blink of an eye. It then sends power to the right wheels at the right time.

To find out how effective the system is, we went in search of snow and ended up… in Milton Keynes. Join Ginny and Nicola as they attempt to drive a Nissan ARIYA the wrong way up a ski slope to see how effective e-4ORCE is at overcoming slippery surfaces.


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