I’m Selling My Rivian R1T – In-Depth Owner Review After 24k Miles In 9 Months

From Branden Flasch.

Thank you all for joining me on my Rivian journey and hope to see you continue to join me for my future Tesla and beyond adventures.

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00:00 Welcome
00:18 What We’ll Be Covering And My EV Background
02:13 R1T Tour / Condition, Specification, Window Sticker
07:53 Odometer / Lifetime Efficiency and Energy Use
08:41 What have I done with my Rivian?
11:29 Why am I selling?
15:42 Previous Reviews
16:20 Things I Like About My R1T
33:02 Intro to Areas for Improvement
33:33 Inherent Characteristics That Could Be Improved
46:17 Things That Could Be Improved With Software
54:24 Questions From Twitter
59:17 Service Experience
59:54 Wrap Up / Would I Buy It Again
01:01:09 Which Rivian Config Should You Buy?
01:02:58 Thoughts on Rivian R2 Platform
01:03:57 Thoughts on Rivian Adopting Tesla NACS And Current Charging
01:07:55 Thank You For Watching