InsideEVs Podcast #176: Rivian R1T, Volvo EM90 MPV, Fisker Pear, Tesla Price Cuts, Tesla FSD V12

From InsideEVs.

The InsideEVs Podcast is back!

Over the next weeks and months, you’ll hear from our new group of podcast ringers: Laycee “Miss GoElectric” is an insightful veteran of the InsideEVs Podcast and her own media empire, while the inimitable Hazel Southwell has been doing science-y deep thinking and reporting for outlets ranging from ESPN to Ars Technica. To hear him say it, superstar video host Alex Goy has been driving things – electrically powered and otherwise – since he "still had hair." Finally, Patrick George, esteemed former editor-in-chief of Jalopnik and director of The Drive, will be a frequent contributor, as well.

This week’s special guests are Kevin Williams, here to tell you all about the Rivian R1T Dual Motor, and Motor1’s brand new Managing Editor Jeff Perez. In addition we’ll be talking about the Volvo EM90 MPV, Fisker Pear, Fast Charging Vs. Slow Charging Effects on Battery, Tesla Price Cut, and Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Update.