Is the VW ID.Buzz as Enchanting As We All Want It To Be?

From Alex on Autos.

We’ve seen it for awhile but are still waiting for the ID.Buzz to hit the shores of North America. The version we’ll get is going the be a 3 row only which will put this in a unique position to compete against the currently limited minivan segment and the styling is likely to draw folks who were looking for a different vehicle all together but fell in love with the looks. The retro roots and tech forward design have blended together very nicely to give you all the functions you need without making things too cluttered up throughout the interior and up on the dash. If you need maximum cargo capacity there are going to be other options that serve your needs better but you’ll be hard pressed to find a vehicle this flexible that’s also this fun.

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00:00 Introduction
00:35 Front End
01:27 Wheels
01:41 Side View
02:41 Rear Seats
05:07 Front Seats
05:58 Interior
08:12 Rear Cargo Area