Is This RECLINING E-Bike The Future of Two Wheel Riding?!

From Fully Charged Show.

Somewhere between a bicycle and a motorcycle the Electrom 1 offers a totally new electric vehicle experience that, equipped with a laid back riding position, is possibly the perfect way to whizz around a city. Ricky Roy went to Vancouver to take a ride and see if this really is the answer to future urban mobility. However, with such a new proposition for a company in its infancy this does not come cheap (drum roll please!) meaning that this motorbike contraption comes in at around $12,500!! As volumes increase and economy of scales allow, we are hopeful to see this number plummet to the single figures!

00:00 Intro
00:40 How does it work?
01:20 Design
02:06 Riders position
04:19 Weight distribution
05:58 Starting and stopping
06:32 Suspension
07:09 Speed
08:26 Controls
09:21 Rider perspective
10:10 Maintenance
10:58 How much?

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