Kia EV6 Dashcam Installation

From EV-olution.

A dual dashcam is great but how do you install it and what is required? In this video I install the Viofo T130, with all the available accessories, in my Kia EV6. I made mistakes, I learnt, and in the end it all works exactly as it should.
If you want to find out more about the Viofo T130 three channel dashcam, see the video quality and more, I have the unboxing and review video that came out before this one (link below).

***** IMPORTANT NOTE: I have learnt that fuse taps must be installed in a specific direction. I was fortunate when I installed mine, as shown in the video, because I picked the correct direction.
See the pinned comment thread below for details and thanks to Michael Goetz for sharing a link to this video, that explains the direction of fuse tap installation: *****

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00:00 Intro
00:59 What do you need?
02:11 Rear camera installation
04:20 Rear USB cable installation in trunk
08:00 Getting the USB cable into the car
10:47 Quick verification of cable length
11:12 Run the wire across the C pillar
14:20 Run wire down rear door frame
16:51 The problem… rear door bottom
19:28 Fixed the problem
22:45 The front door bottom edge
23:45 Run through the kick panel
26:54 Run up the A pillar
28:06 Realization of an issue!
28:47 Starting back at the back!
29:49 Run wire in headliner, rear door
30:32 The B Pillar Disaster
32:32 Fixing my mistake
34:25 Run wire in headliner, front door
34:50 The A pillar
36:25 Hiding the excess wire
40:11 Putting it back together
41:05 Hide the wire at the mirror
42:08 Install the front camera
44:56 The hardwire kit installation
48:12 Solder the hardwire wire to fuse taps
58:57 Clean up wiring at camera
51:59 Connect fuse taps in fuse panel
58:29 Forgot to connect the ground!
01:00:00 Ziptie bundle of wires under the dash
01:01:00 What does it look like all installed
01:04:01 Am I happy?
01:04:33 Please show me some like!
01:04:56 Please consider subscribing
01:05:18 My social media and T-Shirts!
01:05:48 Bloopers