Kia Soul Recalled!

From Transport Evolved.

Having recently updated you on how great her wife’s Kia Soul EV was doing, Kate came home to a shock. It turns out that Kia have just recalled her 2015 Kia Soul EV because of a potential batteyr problem.


00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – Support the channel
00:36 – What do you know when you buy a used car
03:23 – It turns out that probably isn’t the original pack
04:11 – The recall notice
07:06 – What’s the fix?
09:04 – How will Kia handle this?
09:55 – The TLDR
10:13 – Thanks and Credits
12:33 – A retrocomputing extra


Script, Presenter, Audio: Kate Walton-Elliott
Camera, Editor, Colorist: Kate Walton-Elliott
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Kate Walton-Elliott
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2023


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