Kia Soul Urban – Basic. Best?

From AutoEV.

We have always liked the Kia Soul at AutoEV. The only issue is, it tends to get a bit forgotten about, even by Kia themselves as they turned their attention to the EV6, Niro and EV9 of late. But now they have given the old Soul a bit of a rejuvenation, and now with a smaller battery, extra trim level and, importantly, a new lower price, is it time to turn our focus back to the forgotten electric Kia? Time to subject it to the full AutoEV roadtest to find out.

AutoEV – all electric, all independent.

0:00 – Introduction
01:12 – Titles
01:20 – Meet the car
04:12 – Styling
07:25 – Practicality
10:18 – Interior
20:25 – Usability
22:16 – Performance & Handling
32:23 – Pricing
34:07 – Competition
35:35 – Pros & Cons
36:10 – Summary