LEAF ZE0 charger replacement – B29C1 P3173

From Dala’s EV Repair.

In this episode, we take a look at a broken 2012 Nissan LEAF charger. It fails to charge on AC, with the official dealership wanting 3.5k€ for a new charger. Here we fix it with a used part for 750€.

The 2011-2012 LEAF has a notoriously bad design for the on board charger. They released 8 hardware revisions for this unit, and then moved on to a better design for the 2013+ AZE0. It sometimes can be repaired, but replacement is a safer bet.

Where to buy parts?
Favourite site for purchasing used EV parts:
https://www.bruktdel.no/ [NOR]
https://gbd.no/ [NOR]
https://www.bildelsbasen.se/ [SWE]
https://www.varaosahaku.fi/ [FIN]

Useful links for OBC repair

On-board charger Repair & Firmware Updates


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