Lexus RZ450e – How Lexus Made The BZ4X WORSE

From Transport Evolved.

It’s fairly common for automakers to take a vehicle they’ve made for one of their brands and then make it a little bit ‘extra’ for its sibling luxury marque.

Sometimes, those more luxurious versions are very expertly executed. Sometimes, they’re poor imitations of the original with a whole lot of extra gadgets and no extra spirit.

And having driving the Toyota BZ4X earlier this year, we’d hoped Lexus’ RZ450e would be the former not the latter.

We were wrong.


Watch our take on the Toyota BZ4X – Which shares the same platform as the Lexus RZ450e – Here:

00:00 – Introduction
01:30 – Montage
02:28 – First Impressions
03:27 – Specs
06:47 – Toyota BZ4X vs Lexus RZ450e
08:15 – Under/Oversteeer Feeling
10:14 – Interior color, trim
12:27 – Dash, head up display
15:01 – Electrochromic roof
15:35 – Cabin Noise
16:45 – The Door Poppers
19:18 – Range Issues
25:59 – The Competition
31:07 – Fawlty Towers
33:27 – Thanks, and Goodbye!

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Presenters: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield and Kate Walton-Elliott.
Editor, Colorist: Michael Horton
Chase Truck, Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield
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