Life is messy, your EV doesn’t have to be. Protect your car with mats from EV Universe

From EV Universe.

You love a clean car floor, we get it! But keeping your EV’s floor clean shouldn’t take a lot of effort. That’s where 3d Maxpider mats come in. These all-weather mats are soft to the touch and make cleaning your car’s mats super easy. Just rinse them off, put them back and they look brand new.

🎯 To create a perfect fit, 3D MAXpider creates a digital, 3D image for the floor of each vehicle.

🥾They have a non-slip waterproof rubber surface which feels soft to the touch, and the carbon fiber pattern reduces your feet slipping when wet.

🧃Raised lip on most edges to keep spills and messes contained.

🔗 The multi-layer construction includes a patented bottom layer (similar to velcro hooks) that keeps the floor liners in place without harming the original carpet. An inner layer is designed to absorb shock and sound.

♻️ Your nose shouldn’t notice floor mats which is why The KAGU mat is made with non-toxic materials, and is odorless!

💰A protected interior will help keep your EV feeling (and smelling) new. Which, will save you money in the long term when its time to upgrade to your next EV