Lucid’s New Software Release 2.1.3! Here’s All The Features Beyond The Cool New Max AC Button

From Out of Spec Dave.

Back in my Tesla!
See below a summary of all the new features in this release 2.1.3.
For the record, the AC in the car is now keeping the car MUCH cooler. The Max AC button kicks up the system even more than max fan 10. Great job Lucid with the new AC tuning!
Enjoy the summary that goes a lot more in depth covering most of the newest functions in this latest software release. While this is a great step in the right direction, keep those OTA updates coming as there is much more we need! For example lane changing. And in my road trip summary videos, you will see that the navigation software needs a lot of improvements still… Keep an eye out for those videos


•Your Alternate Routes are now continuously displayed on the Map while Routing. As needed, auto-added Charging stops are also shown on the Alternate routes.

•Info bubbles now display the time or energy differences between Alternate routes.

•Charging category Search results will continuously display and update the available chargers for each location, on both the Map and List views.

•HVAC and Defrost settings, as well as vehicle occupancy, are now considered to determine range and if additional charging stops are needed.

•Charger availability information has been updated to show availability by Stand, not by Plug. Both in-car and mobile App will show availability by Stand..

•The predicted percentage of energy that is displayed inside the Nav App will constantly refresh while a Route is in progress.

•For auto-added Charging stops along the Route, in addition to the business name, the charger Brand name is now also shown.


•You can now choose from three lane departure protection options: Warning, Intervention, or Both.

•Your selected preference will be saved to the driver profile.

•Manual Lane Biasing temporarily allows a driver to manually adjust the vehicle’s position within a lane while Highway Assist is still engaged and actively controlling the vehicle. (Note: The driver may still override HWA by applying sufficient steering force to overcome HWA steering control of the vehicle.)

•Exiting Adaptive Cruise Control is now smoother to prevent a discontinuous feel.

Infotainment Reset

•You can now reset your Infotainment System by holding the Air logo in Settings for at least 10 seconds.

Charging Improvements

•When navigating to a DC charger, your vehicle will intelligently optimize battery preconditioning for faster charging.

•Scheduled Charging is now location-based. If you had an active schedule setup you will need to re-establish that schedule after the SW update is complete.


•Media Search is now more efficient – You can select a search term from your last searched text.

•You now can control the volume at different levels for Phone, Media, Voice assistant, and Navigation.

•Last selected Radio Genre will show on top of the Genre list now, so that users do not have to scroll down the list every time they want to select their favorite Radio Genre.

•Spotify now supports Audio Books on your vehicle.

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Access & Comfort

•Easy Entry allows you to have the seat and steering wheel move prior to entering or exiting the vehicle.

•You can now engage Max A/C within your vehicle with a single button press.

•You can now select a Passive Unlock/Lock feature will function when your key fob or mobile key is detected by the vehicle.

Other Minor Updates

•You can now access the Owner’s Manual offline.

•Mobile App will display the SW version of the vehicle.

•We have made improvements to the keyboard to enable Swipe, Handwriting and Predictive Text.

•Other minor updates and enhancements