MG4 1000 km Road Trip – Dublin to Fully Charged Live UK South

From EV Review Ireland.

MG4 1000 km Road Trip to Fully Charged Live

Derek Reilly from EV Review Ireland takes the MG4 on a road trip to Fully Charged Live. Starting in Dublin, Irish Ferries to Holyhead and booking in some EV charging on the high seas. Public charging in the UK to get to Harrow 1st and then day 2 to Farnborough for the start of the 3 day show. Using Monta’s new Smart Queue system to charge up before I left and back to Holyhead with a ferry and charging to Dublin port early Monday morning.

0:00 Leaving Dublin Thursday Morning
1:53 Boarding the Ferry with an EV
2:41 Onboard the Ferry
3:52 Holyhead to Charge Stop 1 in Crewe
4:39 Charging with Instavolt in Crewe Costa
6:14 Crewe to Rugby
6:49 Charging with GRIDSERVE in Rugby Services
8:16 Journey to Harrow and then next day to Farnborough
8:53 Day 1 of Fully Charged Live UK South
10:21 Charging with Monta Day 2 Fully Charged Live UK South
11:43 Day 3 Top-Up before drive to HolyHead
13:27 Faffing with BPPulse
16:03 Drive to Holyhead
16:31 Waiting to board in Holyhead
18:05 Landing into Dublin
18:47 Conclusion after 1000 km in my MG4
21:50 Outro

Total cost to public charge on this trip was £89.91 with a breakdown below.
Instavolt Crewe £18.11
GRIDSERVE Rugby £16.26
Monta Saturday £21.59
Instavolt Farnborough £4.24
Monta Sunday £2.23
BP Pulse £15.00
Instavolt Gateway Services A55 £12.48
Total £89.91

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