New Tuxmat car mats – Still the best?

From EV-olution.

I installed the new Tuxmat car mats and trunk liner for my Kia EV6. Are they as good, better, or worse than the best car mats I have ever owned, the 2019 Tuxmats for my previous car, the Kia Niro EV? Tuxmat car mats offer the most coverage, the best protection, and an amazing fit. I have owned many cars over the last 30+ years, I have owned a variety of car mats from auto manufacturers as well as aftermarket mats, including Weathertech, but Tuxmat car mats are the best I have ever owned.

NOTE: Tuxmat ships to the US and Canada, but does not ship elsewhere 🙁

DISCLOSURE: I bought the front and rear Tuxmat car mats at full price, with my own money. I did, however, tell Tuxmat I was going to make another review video and asked for the trunk liner mat and got it for free. Thank you Tuxmat.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Full disclosure
01:03 Very cool thing for kids
01:50 Unboxing and differences
05:56 Clean and how to remove original mats
08:51 Installation of car mats
15:24 Accessory bag – Clips and Velcro
16:47 Where I put the retainer clips
17:26 Will water be an issue?
18:39 Front seat rail clearance
19:42 Trunk liner unboxing and installation
23:18 What NOT to do with the clips!
25:42 Two days later, location of all clips used
27:54 Proper clip placement in trunk
29:04 Solution for sliding EVSE case
30:09 My opinion and the advantages
32:35 Trunk liner disadvantage
33:04 Not for older cars
33:38 Join the EV-olution
34:36 Bloopers