News From Chicago: EVs Suck In The Cold! I Flew There To See What Is Actually Happening

From Out of Spec Reviews.

Kyle flew to Chicago to meet up with Merchy (@ChargingtheRoad) to see what actually happened to cause all of the recent negative EV news coverage in Chicago. Here are our takeaways from the trip…

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0:00 – Hello & Welcome
1:49 – What’s The Problem
3:49 – What Happens To EVs In Cold Weather
6:48 – How You As A Driver Can Optimize Your EV In Cold Weather
12:07 – Charging Station Problems
17:49 – Clogged Up Charging Station w/ Lines
19:09 – Mercy’s On The Ground Experience
23:10 – EVgo Problem / Fix!
23:57 – 3 Days Waiting To Charge A Bolt!
25:15 – Tesla Seems To Have Recovered But CCS Stations Still Crazy
29:09 – Final Summary Of Problems
32:42 – Rideshare Companies Need Their Own Chargers

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