Non-Tesla Supercharging: Hyundai IONIQ 5 First Test of CCS Magic Dock Supercharger

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Run for the hills, Tesla owners, the great unwashed hordes of CCS electric vehicles are heading for your Superchargers! At least a handful of us were, on the final day of February, as the EV leader launched non-Tesla Supercharging in New York and California. In our Hyundai IONIQ 5, we made the trek across Massachusetts to one of several CCS-equipped Superchargers near Albany, NY.

Only a handful of Superchargers have the "Magic Dock" solution so far — a rather grandiose name for a Tesla-to-CCS adapter locked to a regular Supercharger post — with eight locations across upstate New York and a couple more in Northern California. However, the potential implications of rapid retrofits to the most expansive EV charging network in North America are clear: if Tesla is so inclined, it can change the public charging landscape in the US and Canada almost overnight.

So how did it go and will we be ditching our complimentary Electrify America plan in favor of Elon’s magical mission? Watch the first seven minutes for the former and the second seven minutes for the latter!

0:00 – Start
0:24 – Intro
0:57 – Location of Malta, NY (Ballston Spa Supercharger)
1:30 – Non-Tesla Charging in the Tesla App
2:00 – Unlocking CCS Adapter + Plugging In
6:55 – Session Summary
7:19 – First Impressions on Tesla CCS Charging
8:00 – Pricing Analysis
10:00 – Potential for Expansion
10:34 – Non-Tesla Charging: Potential Negatives
12:25 – Non-Tesla Supercharging Access + Etiquette
13:25 – Over to You

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