Podcast: new software-locked Tesla Model S/X, univeral charger, Acura ZDX, and more

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Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast:

Tesla launches new Model S and Model X with shorter range and cheaper prices

Tesla’s new Models S and X have the same battery pack but with software-locked capacity

Tesla spotted shipping Cybertrucks by the truckload, some for crash tests

Tesla launches new ‘universal wall connector’ that puts the charging world on notice

Tesla says it will build new ‘1st of its kind’ data centers

Tesla wants to launch an in-house rental service

Tesla Electric customers came out of Texas heatwave with an extra $100 in their pockets

Texas officially forces Tesla’s NACS on charging stations to get access to $400 million in subsidies

Acura finally joins the EV ethos, unveils ZDX with competitive range, hands-free driving

Ford and SK announce new massive battery cathode factory in Quebec’s battery valley

Jaguar is scrapping the I-Pace as part of its EV revamp, electric 4-door GT due 2024