Podcast: Tesla EV tax credit update, Ford Explorer EV, and more electric RVs

From Electrek.co.

On the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy. In this week’s episode, we discuss Tesla expecting to lose the EV tax credit on Model 3, Ford Explorer EV, and more electric RVs coming.


Here are a few of the articles that we will discuss during the podcast:

00:30 Tesla expects to lose full $7,500 tax credit on its cheapest electric car
09:01 Tesla taking delivery of another of world’s largest press for Cybertruck production
12:30 Tesla launches Safety Score 2.0 – trying to make driver scoring system fairer
23:00 Tesla engineers tried to convince Elon Musk not to give up radar for self-driving
28:20 Tesla Superchargers are now integrated in Rivian’s navigation
34:30 Ford releases fully electric, sub $50k Explorer SUV…in the wrong market
39:00 First look at Kia’s new EV5 all-electric SUV concept [Images]
40:40 This startup just launched an ‘affordable’ fully electric smart RV based on the Ford E-Transit
45:00 This GM Brightdrop-based electric van is a hotel room with five-star amenities, 250m range