Power in Pairs: Dual ChargePoint CPE250 125kW Charging Test (Quick Charge # 5)

From Plug and Play EV.

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ChargePoint’s paired CPE250 installations boast up to 125kW of fast charging power in a compact, less costly package than some other DCFC hardware out there.

However, we’ve never yet come across a dual site with this popular option that delivers the goods. Some fall short of the triple digits, reaching only 70-80kW, while others simply aren’t paired at all and will only output the individual maximum of up to 62.5 kW. That will max out the Bolt EV, which we test here as a comparison point, but takes the optimal 18 minutes 10-80% charge time on the IONIQ 5 and extends it out to almost an hour. Even more reason to search for paired power options.

This episode of Quick Charge takes advantage of new CPE250 installations around Greater Boston to look at the highs and lows of this increasingly popular DCFC configuration. With funds beginning to flow to state governments and municipal agencies, we’re likely to see more of these installs in 2023 so it pays to understand the limitations and what power level you can expect to see from your EV.

0:00 – Start
0:20 – Intro
2:45 – Initial Test on 2020 Bolt EV (with cold pack)
3:19 – Coming Back with IONIQ 5 (pack… oops)
4:07 – Impromptu I5 Battery Conditioning Test
6:11 – Finally Starting Up on IONIQ 5
8:09 – Why CPE250 Varies By EV Model
9:08 – Bolt EV vs. IONIQ 5 Session Summaries

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