RAM’s New Pickup Is “Electric,” But It Has A V6 Engine, Too?!

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This week, Stellantis’ RAM unveils its new plug-in hybrid pickup truck, Rumors fly about Tesla’s new €25,000 EV for Europe, and Royal Enfield demonstrates an electric Himalayan motorcycle.

These stories, and many more on today’s show!

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00:00 – Start
00:29 – Welcome!
00:36 – Lucid Motors and Rivian post two very different sets of Q3 figures
01:38 – Tesla Readying a €25,000 EV for production at Giga Berlin, Reports say
02:32 – As the UK deals with the consequences of canceling HS2, the US government invests in US rail infrastructure
03:27 – Zero Motorcycles gives its S, DS models the same frame as its SR/F and SR/S
04:25 – Ram Unveils the RAM 1500 Ramcharger Plug-in Hybrid Pickup
05:20 – UK Government announces plans to increase fossil fuel drilling in King’s Speech
06:01 – US Voters reject conservative, pro fossil-fuel ideals in latest election day
06:51 – Polestar cuts its 2023 Delivery targets after publishing Q3 earnings, but starts flexible lease products in the U.S., readies Polestar 4 for production
07:43 – Volkswagen halts motor production at some of its MEB-platform factories
08:29 – After Tesla Designer too Cybertruck Pre-Production variant to a Cars and Coffee Event, things got heated online
10:21 – Nio confirms it plans to sell electric cars in the U.S. by 2025
10:44 – EVgo follows Tesla’s lead, develops prefabricated charging station deployments
11:00 – Tevva takes Electromechanica to court over failed merger
11:18 – Rivian ends exclusivity deal with Amazon on its delivery vehicle.
11:35 – Switzerland ends its special sales tax exemption for electric vehicle
11:54 – Cruise Origin production paused by GM after Cruise loses right to drive in California
12:10 – Archer Aviation announces partnership to bring eVTOL taxis to India
12:30 – Lucid announces vehicle-to-vehicle charging cable, in-vehicle software
12:48 – Data from the U.S. state of Maryland shows that EV fires are very rare
13:07 – Agreements between UAW and GM suggest next-generation Bolt may be made in Kansas
13:24 – Hyundai to develop its own LFP battery cells for future models
13:39 – AnPost become Ireland’s largest operator of EVs
13:58 – EDF Renewables North America commits to recycling its solar panels with new partner
14:15 – Volvo looks to ways to expand its US production base
14:31 – GM Ventures, Niron Magnetics, join forces to build new permanent magnet EV motors that don’t use rare earth materials
14:47 – BMW CEO shows no interest in a price war over EVs
15:06 – A new study suggest that 40 percent of US car buyers don’t know about US Federal Tax Credits
15:24 – BYD rumored to be looking to Hungary as home for its first European EV production facility
15:42 – Rolls Royce asks collector to buy two Specters in order to get the first one
15:57 – Kia asks its dealerships not to mark up the EV9
16:18 – F150 Lightning sales rise while other Ford EV sales fall
16:36 – Indiegogo campaign for Brightdrop-derived campervan funds quickly
16:56 – Motor Production begins for PPE EV platform
17:12 – Agreement between UAW, Stellantis, shows some promises for EV Jeeps
17:29 – Madrid bans electric scooters on public transit following fires
17:45 – UK Tesla customer wins in small claims court case over Tesla self-driving claims
18:01 – Volvo announces pricing of its 2024 model year EVs for North America
18:17 – Swedish strike at Tesla spearheaded by IF Metall seems to spread
18:35 – Used EV sales in the UK take off
18:50 – Chargeway reveals a new, improved version of its app – with many more features
19:07 – Polestar holds its Polestar day in the USA
19:35 – Sponsored Segment: UGears
20:48 – Rimac Nevera sets a new speed record.. in reverse.
21:40 – Royal Enfield showcases an electric Himalayan prototype
22:34 – Thanks, and Goodbye!