Ranking Every Automakers EV Sales In 2023! You Can Probably Guess Who’s On Top

From Out of Spec Podcast.

Join Francie on today’s episode of the Out of Spec Podcast as she goes through each automaker’s 2023 EV sales numbers in the United States from most sold to least sold – plus she covers the top 5 EVs sold in the US!

Every image appearing in this video belongs to each respective automaker.

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00:00 Welcome Back
01:20 Total Sales
02:30 Tesla
04:10 GM
06:00 Ford
06:50 Hyundai / Kia
08:00 Rivian
08:50 BMW
10:00 Mercedes-Benz
10:25 Volkswagen
11:00 Volvo
11:20 Polestar
12:00 Nissan
12:45 Toyota
13:05 Subaru
13:45 Lucid
14:10 Genesis
14:30 Fisker
15:05 Jaguar
15:15 Honda
16:00 Top 5 EVs Sold In The US!