Route Zero – Electric car road trip kickoff on Route 66 with Ed Begley Jr

From Mach-E VLOG.

We attended the kickoff of a coast to coast electric car relay road trip at the end of Route 66 on the Santa Monica Pier. This relay will travel across the country along parts of the iconic Route 66 and then east to Washington, DC, to highlight the importance of reducing tailpipe emissions to protect public health, address the climate crisis, and provide consumer savings.

The event kicked off with local officials talking about the impact of transportation pollution and what their communities are doing to encourage lower emission vehicles. EV activists and actor, Ed Begley, Jr., spoke about his own personal experience with electric cars and the need to not only drive electric but to use solar to power them.

For more details visit the Route Zero website:

Planned relay stops:
– Los Angeles, CA at Santa Monica Pier – April 27
– Flagstaff, Arizona – April 28
– Santa Fe, NM – April 30
– Kansas City, MO – Wednesday, May 3, at 11:15 AM CT
– Joliet, IL – May 7
– Detroit, Michigan
– Cleveland, OH – TBD
– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
– Baltimore, Maryland – TBD
– Washington, DC

#CleanerCars #zeroemissions #electriccars

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