SCHNELL! German DCFC with ADS-TEC ChargeBox Booster | Quick Charge # 9

From Plug and Play EV.

Join us for another "Quick Charge" session, this time over in Milford, MA to check out some slick German-engineered DCFC in the ADS-TEC Energy ChargeBox.

Comprised of two main products, the ChargeBox Booster and Dispenser, the former contains 140 kWh worth of battery capacity to support power-limited sites. It’s also whisper-quiet, according to the manufacturer, which isn’t super important at this noisy Interstate gas stop but could be a consideration for built-up metro and residential areas.

Take a tour of the site and see how much of the 320 kW rated power our Hyundai #IONIQ5 can suck down in our first session with the ChargeBox Booster system.

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