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When they couldn’t find a suitable local property to downsize to, homeowners Phil & Wendy decided they would take matters into their own hands.

In this week’s episode our Home Energy presenter Emilie gets the low down of how this incredibly efficient and eco friendly retirement project all came together.

Every aspect of this self-build property has been meticulously planned, from the super insulated walls, floors and roof space, to the air filtration, heating and hot water systems. The resulting £1 a day energy costs and high scoring air permeability test is a real testament to what’s possible with today’s range of clean home energy technologies, a clear vision of your goal and a great team.


0:00 Intro
00:55 A Golden Opportunity
01:37 Making the space work
03:03 What eco tech is installed?
04;00 A very well sealed home
04:52 Energy for less than £1 a day
06:09 The Operations Room
06:35 An Eco Friendly Design
07:18 The benefits
07:34 One piece of technology
08:05 Future Tech?
09:14 Outro

Find out what an Air Permeability test is and why you should have one done by watching Robert’s episode here:

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