Self-Driving is hard, and FSD is massively changing! We explain why.

From Transport Evolved.

Note: Kate misspoke during this video starting the change to FSD will come in with version 11. She should have said version 12.

Self Driving is Hard – and recently Tesla announced a complete shift in the way it’s tackling the challenge of getting Full Self Driving to true autonomy. According to Tesla’s CEO, Version 11 of FSD is reserved for full "end-to-end" autonomy. But how do FSD and other autonomous and semi-autonomous systems work now, what does end-to-end mean, and what are the challenges?


00:00 – Introduction
01:18 – Support the channel
01:24 – Driving is complicated
02:40 – A bit of the history of self-driving
03:33 – How Self-Driving is achieved now
05:45 – What’s the problem with that?
10:14 – What is sensor fusion and why do some companies state you need multiple sensors?
15:53 – What about HD mapping?
18:23 – Summary of the problems.
18:51 – How end to end works.
21:38 – The TLDR
23:03 – Thanks and Credits


Script, Presenter, Audio: Kate Walton-Elliott
Camera, Editor, Colorist: Kate Walton-Elliott
Art and Animation: Erin Carlie
Producer: Kate Walton-Elliott
© Transport Evolved LLC, 2023


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