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If you’re looking to go electric in 2024, there are some great options on the market – and we’ve just lined up three of the best for a shoot-out.

The smart #1 might be lumbered with one of the daftest names in the business, but the car itself is a very impressive package. Built on the same platform as the award-winning Volvo EX30, it’s the result of a joint venture between Mercedes (the design) and Chinese giant Geely (the rest). Early drives suggest that the smart is a great all-rounder with a fun character and good efficiency.

But is that enough to lift it above the MG4? When it arrived last year, the Chinese-built hatch swept almost everything before it, undercutting its rivals by thousands and proving that going electric doesn’t always have to be the expensive option. Here we test the newest version on the block – the Extended Range model that comes with a 323 mile WLTP range.

Finally, we have another favourite: the Kia Niro EV. Practical, well equipped and efficient, the Niro EV’s SUV form makes it a decent fit for family buyers and those who like a lofty driving position. Here we test the 64kWh model with a WLTP range of 287 miles.

Join Ginny, Nicola and Nicki as they compare all three. Which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments below.

Kia Niro EV
Price: from £37,295 (06/11/23)
Battery: Lithium-Ion 68.0kWh, 64.8kWh useable
Range: 287 miles
Performance: 7.8 seconds 0-60mph, 105mph top speed
Power and torque: 201bhp, 188lb ft
Drivetrain: Front wheel drive, single speed
Charging: 11kW AC, 80kW DC (AVG 70kW), 41 mins 10-80%, 10hr 30 min on 7.4 kW home wallbox
Boot: 475-litres, 1,392 + 20-litre frunk
Weight: 1,757kg
V2L; yes (3.6kW)
Euro NCAP 4 stars
Heatpump not standard until ‘4’ grade + option
7 year warranty

Smart #1
Price: from £35,950 Pro + to £38,895 Premium (13/11/23)
Battery: Lithium-Ion 66.0kWh, 62.0kWh useable
Range: 260-273 miles (added heatpump on Premium upwards)
Performance: 6.7 seconds 0-62mph, 112mph top speed
Power and torque: 268bhp, 253lb ft
Drivetrain: Rear wheel drive, single speed
Charging: 22kW AC, 150kW DC (AVG 100kW), 30 mins 10-80%, 10hrs on 7.4 kW home wallbox
Boot: 323-litres, 986 + 15-litre frunk
Weight: 1,863kg
V2L; no
Euro NCAP 5 stars
Heatpump standard on all but Pro+ base
3 year car/8year battery warranty

MG4 Trophy Extended Range
Price: from £36,495 (13/11/23)
Battery: Lithium-Ion 77.0kWh, 74.4kWh useable
Range: 323 miles
Performance: 6.5 seconds 0-62mph, 112mph top speed
Power and torque: 241bhp, 258lb ft
Drivetrain: Rear wheel drive, single speed
Charging: 7.4kW AC, 144kW DC (AVG 80kW), 45 mins 10-80%, 12hr on 7.4 kW home wallbox
Boot: 363-litres, 1,165 + no frunk
Weight: 1,826kg
V2L; yes (2.2kW)
Euro NCAP 5 stars
Heatpump standard
7 year warranty


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